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Non-COVID-19 Related Hospital Admissions Dropped Last Fall, Especially in Midwest

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Non-COVID-19 hospital admissions fell substantially, particularly in the Midwest and West, as COVID-19 cases surged last fall, according to a new analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation of 2020 inpatient admission data from electronic medical records through Dec. 5, writes Healthcare Dive.

The analysis also highlights admission trends by age and sex, and found that patients 65 and over — those most at risk of complications from the novel coronavirus  —  delayed care at greater rates than those under 65 again in the fall. Still, the discrepancy between visits based on age was more pronounced in the spring.

On average, males and females had almost identical admission patterns throughout the entire year. Though looking at the raw numbers, women’s total admissions trended above their male counterparts, which researchers attributed to childbirth.

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