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Australian-First Snapshot of Healthcare-Associated Infections

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A new Elsevier publication co-edited by academics in three states has started the process of bringing together information about healthcare-associated infections nationally in Australia, in line with international best practice.

Australia has not had a nationally coordinated program for the surveillance and reporting of healthcare-associated Infections, with a new report identifying gaps in data while confirming healthcare associated infections are common.

The report, “Epidemiology of Healthcare-associated Infections in Australia” is Australia’s first peer-reviewed, evidence-based assessment of the epidemiology of HAIs, including publicly available data from hospital-acquired complications (HACs) and state-based surveillance systems. Data was compiled from publicly available sources in an attempt to describe infection rates across the country.

Rather than a picture emerging of infection trends across Australia, the key finding of what is intended to be an annual report card, was the lack of data and the diversity in approaches to infection surveillance.

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