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The Leapfrog Group’s ‘Lives & Dollars Lost Calculator’ Shows Cost of Ignoring Medical Errors

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When mistakes occur, employers pay the price in human lives and dollars, writes To demonstrate the risk of medical errors , The Leapfrog Group developed a “Lives & Dollars Lost Calculator.” This free resource is a way for employers to assess the toll that medical errors have on their employee population.

By using the Lives & Dollars Lost Calculator, employers and purchasers can estimate the number of avoidable deaths among their covered lives, and identify the hidden surcharge paid for each inpatient admission. The calculator also allows them to calculate how much of their total healthcare spending goes toward medical mistakes.

To be able to accurately utilize the Lives & Dollars Lost Calculator, facilitators must have access to the total number of inpatient admissions at their respective facility within the United States spanning a full calendar year. They should be aware of the current Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades (A, B, C, D or F) for the facility their employees utilize. Additional requirements include obtaining the estimated percent of admissions that require surgery or an ICU stay, and the estimated total expenses for healthcare coverage.

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