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MoneyRates Releases Best States for Healthcare 2021 Ranking

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The personal finance website released its Best States for Healthcare in 2021 rankings. The MoneyRates website’s annual U.S. health-care ranking looks at factors including existing health status, health insurance coverage, hospital costs, nursing home staffing and capacity of doctor’s offices.

Using data from the US Census Bureau, the Centers for Disease Control and the Kaiser Family Foundation, ranked each state’s performance in the following eight categories: Health insurance coverage, Reported health status, Child immunization coverage, Infant mortality rates, Adequacy of nursing care staffing, Adequacy of medical office staffing, Hospital affordability, Health insurance affordability.

MoneyRates ranked each of these categories and then based the overall rankings on the average of rankings across all categories. MoneyRates also classified state-by-state conditions in each category the way you might describe a person’s health: Robust – the best 20 percent; Healthy – the next 20 percent; Average – the middle 20 percent; Frail – the next 20 percent; Critical condition – the bottom 20 percent.

The 10 Best States for Healthcare 2021 as ranked by MoneyRates are: Iowa, Massachusetts, Nebraska, North Dakota, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky. The 10 worst states, listed from worst on up to the tenth worst include: South Carolina, Oklahoma, Alaska, New Mexico, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, California, North Carolina, Nevada.

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