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Pediatric Patient Satisfaction Surveys Too Complex to Produce Meaningful Insights

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Healthcare organizations need a better way to survey pediatric patient satisfaction that is inclusive and simple enough for a child—not her parent or guardian—to complete, a group for researchers from Auburn University said in new research, writes Patient Engagement HIT.

The study, published in The Beryl Institute’s PX Journal, concluded that the existing, albeit few and far between, pediatric patient feedback questionnaires are too complex to yield meaningful insights into the pediatric patient experience, warranting work to develop a new one.

The study concludes child-patient survey instruments and interviews should be created to target what the child associates with hospitals and their overall first impressions of their hospitalized experience. And future studies may look into the factors that are salient to children in a hospital, like their fears about their healthcare or even how bored they were. From there, healthcare experts can develop surveys that look at how well a hospital addressed those issues and provided comfort to patients based on the unique needs of children.

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