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AHRQ Chartbook on Healthcare for Veterans

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Veterans received better care than nonveterans in areas such as vaccinations and health screenings between 2015 and 2018, according to a new chartbook from AHRQ. However, veterans received worse care than nonveterans when it came to access to care and prescription medications. The new analysis provides contextual health data on veterans and nonveterans, such as comparisons on smoking rates, experience with chronic pain and prevalence of health conditions. Its findings on access to care, quality of care and mortality rates were based on 65 quality measures.

Comparisons among different groups of veterans and Veterans Healthcare Administration (VHA) enrollees identified disparities related to age, sex and disability status. Some racial/ethnic disparities were also found but tended to be smaller than disparities observed among nonveterans. The chartbook is a collaboration between AHRQ, the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Health Equity, and the National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Inter-Agency Workgroup.

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