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Data Refresh on CMS Dialysis Facility Compare

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The latest quarterly dialysis facility compare data refresh has been posted to CMS Dialysis Facility Compare Website on October 21, 2020. Dialysis Facility Compare provides details on dialysis facilities (centers) across the country, including how well each dialysis center delivers care and the services they provide, and patient experiences with dialysis centers.

This quarterly data refresh included:

  1. Quality of Patient Care (13 measures)
  • Adult and child patients who had enough waste removed from their blood during hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis
  • Adult patients who had too much calcium in their blood
  • Frequency of patient death, hospital admission, or readmission
  • Frequency of transfusions
  • Hemoglobin management (Downloadable Data Only)
  • Phosphorus concentrations in the blood (Downloadable Data Only)
  • Prevention of bloodstream infections
  • Adult patients who received treatment through an arteriovenous fistula
  • Adult patients who had a catheter (tube) left in a vein for at least 3 consecutive complete months, for their regular hemodialysis treatments
  • Measurement of nPCR for Pediatric Hemodialysis Patients
  • Patients who were on the kidney or kidney-pancreas transplant waiting list
  • Transplant waitlist within a year of dialysis initiation

The Quality of Patient Care Star Ratings have been updated on Dialysis Facility Compare.

2. Survey of patients’ experiences: (6 measures)
Data collection for the Spring Survey conducted in each year takes place between April and July. Data collection for the Fall Survey conducted each year takes place between October and January. The patient survey results are not included in the quality of patient care star rating.

  • Kidney doctor’s communication and caring
  • Dialysis center staff care and operations
  • Providing information to patients
  • Rating of kidney doctors
  • Rating of dialysis center staff
  • Rating of dialysis facility

Overall Star Rating of ICH CAHPS survey of patients’ experiences.

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