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Report Finds Prices for Same Medical Procedures Vary Greatly Among Hospitals in Ohio

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A new report from The Center for Community Solutions, an Cleveland-based nonpartisan think tank focused on solutions to health, social and economic issues, found prices for the same medical procedures varied widely among hospitals in Ohio.

The Center for Community Solutions examined 2020 pricing information at Ohio’s 206 hospitals for six common procedures – Inpatient Appendectomy, Inpatient Bypass Surgery, Angioplasty, Total Joint Replacement, Cesarean sections and, Labor and delivery without induction, complications, etc. (i.e. Normal Delivery). Pricing information reviewed included prices set by Ohio hospitals in their chargemasters and researchers compares those prices to national and international data (from the Health Care Cost Institute) for those six procedures. The research found that not only did the price vary widely from hospital to hospital, but also, for each procedure, the average cost in Ohio was much higher than the national average. Likewise, the average cost in the United States was far greater than the next highest industrialized nation.

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