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AHRQ Stats: Emergency Care Covered by Medicaid

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In 2017, Medicaid covered the largest share of hospital emergency department visit costs for patients with suicidal ideation, attempt or self-harm (39 percent), bipolar and related disorders (37 percent) and alcohol-related disorders (34 percent).

There were 23.1 million visits to hospital emergency departments (EDs) with one or more diagnoses of mental and substance use disorders (MSUDs) in 2017, which represented 16 percent of the 144.8 million total ED visits. Service delivery costs for MSUD-related ED visits were $14.6 billion, or $630 per visit, compared with $74.6 billion for all ED visits, or $530 per visit. The average cost per MSUD ED visit was 19 percent higher than the average cost for all ED visits.

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