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Washington Monthly Releases New 20 Best Hospitals for America Rankings

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The Washington Monthly, in partnership with the Lown Institute, released a new hospital ranking – 20 Best Hospitals for America, assessing almost 3,300 hospitals nationwide on 42 metrics. The Washington Monthly ranks hospitals on how well they save lives, save money, and serve everyone. The institutes listed in the 20 best hospitals for America performed above average (typically far above) in each of three broad categories: patient outcomes, civic leadership, and value of care.

The rankings used data drawn from the Lown Institute Hospitals Index not only to measure how well hospitals care for their patients but also to gauge the contributions hospitals make to the country and their communities. Their rankings use three main criteria. First, patient outcomes: a hospital’s patient mortality, safety, and satisfaction record. Second, civic leadership: the degree to which a hospital treats patients with the same income and other demographics as its surrounding community; how much it contributes in community benefit, from providing charity care to building and operating free clinics; and how much it pays its senior executive compared to its frontline workers. Third, value of care: how much a hospital overuses low-value tests and procedures.

Along with ranking the 20 Best Hospitals for America, they also released the 50 Best Major Teaching Hospitals for America and the 100 Best Safety Net Hospitals for America.

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  1. Martina Dolan Post author | July 7, 2020

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