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VHI Releases 2020 Healthcare Pricing Transparency Report

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Virginia Health Information (VHI) has published its 2020 Healthcare Pricing Transparency Report. Most recent dollar amounts reported by VHI reveal the same service could cost you as much as 2-3 times more depending on where you live and where you are treated. A chest x-ray, for example, is more costly when performed in a hospital outpatient setting ($248) rather than at your physician’s office ($139). Regardless of the type of setting, the Healthcare Pricing Transparency Report shows that 15 services (39%) have a greater than 10% increase in cost compared to last year. 

Virginia enacted a law in 2016 (32.1-137.05 Advance disclosure of charge for elective procedure, test, or service), requiring hospitals to provide a patient with an estimate of the payment amount for which they will be responsible for an elective procedure, test, or service. The VHI Healthcare Pricing Report was created under Virginia law 32.1-276.5:1 to increase healthcare transparency in Virginia. The healthcare services in this report are those provided by doctors, emergency rooms, hospitals, diagnostic and surgical centers. The services reported were recommended to Virginia Health Information (VHI) by a workgroup of healthcare stakeholders. Commercial insurance allowed amounts are based on 2018 paid commercial claims within the Virginia All Payer Claims Database and exclude government programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

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