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Study Finds Nursing Home Reported Data Used For Nursing Home Compare Falls Measure May Be Highly Inaccurate

A study published in the journal Health Services Research sought to assess the accuracy of nursing home self-report of major injury falls on the Minimum Data Set (MDS) for quality measurement on Nursing Home Compare (NHC). Researchers used MDS assessments and Medicare claims data for 2011-2015, linking inpatient claims for major injury falls with MDS assessments. The study found the nursing home-reported data used for the NHC falls measure may be highly inaccurate. Researchers identified 150,828 major injury falls in claims that occurred during nursing home residency. For the MDS item used by NHC, only 57.5 percent were reported. Reporting was higher for long-stay (62.9 percent) than short-stay (47.2 percent), and for white (59.0 percent) than nonwhite residents (46.4 percent).

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