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Research Finds Stroke Patients More Likely to Die in Rural Hospitals Than Urban Ones

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People living in rural areas of the United States are less likely to get the most advanced treatments for stroke and more likely to die in the hospital than their urban counterparts, according to a new study published in the journal Stroke.

Compared with stroke patients living in cities, researchers found those treated at rural hospitals were about half as likely to receive clot-busting medication; about one-third less likely to undergo a thrombectomy procedure to remove a stroke-causing clot; and more likely to die of any type of stroke before leaving the hospital (6.9% versus 5.8%).

Researchers used data on more than 790,000 adults hospitalized with stroke between 2012-2017, from the National Inpatient Sample database, the nation’s largest publicly available, all-payer inpatient health care database.

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