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Legislation To Establish Georgia APCD passes Senate

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Legislation that would see the Office of Health Strategy and Coordination establish the Georgia All-Payer Claims Database (GAPCD) and create an Advisory Council (SB 482) was passed by substitute by a vote of 53-0 in the Georgia Senate. According to the legislation, the GAPCD should be operational no later than January 1, 2023.

The objectives of the GAPCD shall be to facilitate data-driven, evidence-based improvements in access, quality, and cost of health care and to promote and improve public health through the understanding of health care expenditure patterns and operation and performance of the health care system. Specific uses of the GAPCD include, but are not limited to:

  1. Establishing baseline health care cost information;
  2. Monitoring and analyzing health care costs;
  3. Assessing population health;
  4. Measuring utilization of health care services;
  5. Identifying health disparities;
  6. Informing consumers of cost and quality of health care;
  7. Supporting the planning and evaluation of health care operations and care;
  8. Improving coordination of care;
  9. Enabling oversight of health insurance premium medical loss ratios; and
  10. Conducting waste, fraud, and abuse studies

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