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Release of Paterson Inquiry Report in UK Raises Calls for Greater Alignment of Reporting in Both Private and NHS Healthcare

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Dr Andrew Vallance-Owen, Chair of the Private Healthcare Information Network, issued a statement following the publication of a report in the UK Parliament relating to the Paterson Inquiry, calling for a greater alignment of reporting in both private and NHS healthcare. To date, changes have been introduced to reduce the reporting gap between private and NHS healthcare, with PHIN publishing more information for patients about private healthcare via the Website. However, data reporting and clinical governance too often remains fragmented.

Dr. Vallance-Owen said:

“A single repository of whole practice consultant information, available to managers and healthcare professionals will support better clinical governance and help identify patterns of poor care at an earlier stage. It is vital that this is also available to the public in an accessible and understandable way. As such we welcome this as the first recommendation in the Inquiry report. Shortly we will be launching a consultation with NHS Digital which considers the first steps on that journey, working toward the creation of a single unified dataset for planned hospital admissions in England.”

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