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Altarum Healthcare Value Hub Releases Healthcare Affordability State Policy Scorecard

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Altarum’s Healthcare Value Hub released a scorecard rating 42 states and the District of Columbia on their adoption of evidence-based policy actions to improve affordability of health care for residents.

The Healthcare Affordability State Policy Scorecard shows that many states are taking steps to increase access to coverage, but far fewer are taking other actions to address the affordability of health care for residents, even as polling data repeatedly shows affordability is an issue residents on both sides of the political aisle want their legislators and regulators to act on.

The scorecard shows that state residents struggle to afford healthcare, with 24 percent of adults facing affordability burdens in Maryland, the best performing state, and 57 percent in Mississippi, the worst performing state. This variation in burden appears to be tied to policies enacted at the state level, particularly those that extend coverage or reduce out-of-pocket costs. Approaches that address underlying cost drivers —such as reducing low-value care and curbing excess prices—are still in their infancy and may not be fully reflected in state outcomes at this early stage.

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