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2018 Report of Spanish National Hip Fracture Registry

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2018 Report of the Spanish National Hip Fracture Registry (RNFC) released by the “Ageing and Fragility” Group of the Instituto de Investigación del Hospital La Paz [La Paz Hospital Research Institute]. The objective is to improve care provided to elderly patients who have suffered a hip fracture and to reduce the incidence of new fractures by continuously monitoring the quality of health care.

Hip fractures are one of the main health problems associated with ageing and fragility. They have a great impact on quality of life and a notable increase in mortality among the elderly. In Spain, an incidence of 104 cases per 100,000 inhabitants is estimated, involving between 45,000 and 50,000 hip fractures per year, with an annual cost of €1.6 million and a loss of 7,200 quality-adjusted life years. The incidence is expected to continue to increase, especially among people over the age of 80.

This Report references the data and activities of the RNFC corresponding to 2018, with 11,431 patients from 72 hospitals in 15 Autonomous Communities, collected continuously in an internationally validated format, the Minimum Common Dataset Set. The data is shared voluntarily quarterly and annual reports are generated. Currently, the RNFC has data from 18,188 patients, and this report reflects the activity from 2018, in which 11,431 cases were included. The average age of the patients was 87 years, 76% were women and 25% lived in residences. A total of 97% of patients were operated on, after an average delay of 66 hours, with a mean length of stay of 10 days. One month after the episode, 50% walked independently and 48% received osteoprotective treatment.

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