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Patient Experience in Canadian Hospitals

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The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) first release of patient experience data provided a high-level summary of results from the Canadian Patient Experiences Survey on Inpatient Care captured through the Canadian Patient Experiences Reporting System. The survey collects information on how Canadian patients from 5 participating provinces feel about the way information was communicated and shared at different stages of their hospital stay. Results included data from over 90,000 survey respondents from over 300 acute care hospitals in the five provinces (New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia). An article in Longwoods Healthcare Quarterly utilized this patient experience data to establish what patients think about communicating with doctors and nurses, and about how health care providers communicate with one another about patient care.

The report was released as part of phase 1 of their public reporting strategy for 2019–2020. Phase 2 of their public reporting strategy will include the public reporting of facility-level indicators, a small core set (3 to 5) of patient experience indicators in the Your Health System: In Depth web tool. When published, the data for these indicators will enable comparisons at the national, provincial, regional and facility levels. The anticipated release of the indicators is spring 2021.

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