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2019 America’s Health Rankings Annual Report Released

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The United Health Foundation released the 2019 America’s Health Rankings® Annual Report, which highlights health trends from the past three decades as well as from the past year. The report showcases meaningful progress in reducing smoking and infant mortality. It also identifies challenges including increasing rates of diabetes, suicide and drug deaths.

The 2019 America’s Health Rankings Annual Report also provides a snapshot of overall health across states and the nation. Key highlights include:

  • Vermont topped the list of healthiest states in 2019, followed by Massachusetts (No. 2), Hawaii (No. 3), Connecticut (No. 4) and Utah (No. 5). Vermont improved three ranks in 2019 to take the top spot.
  • Mississippi ranks No. 50 this year, while Louisiana (No. 49), Arkansas (No. 48), Alabama (No. 47) and Oklahoma (No. 46) follow with opportunities for improvement.
  • New York has made the most progress since the Annual Report was first released in 1990, improving 29 ranks from No. 40 to No. 11.

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