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WHA Publishes Report Calculating Health Care Waste in Washington State

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The Washington Health Alliance published its latest report looking at 47 tests, procedures, and treatments commonly believed to be overused for 2014 through 2017. It analyzed 9.5 million services for more than 4 million people, both Medicaid and commercially-insured from the Alliance’s All Payer Claims Database and found that 51% of the services were low-value at a cost of $703 million and each year 846,973 people received at least one value service. The report also ranked medical groups across Washington state and found that low-value care appears to be on a downward trend. The report includes multi-year data (CY 2014-2017).

This is the third edition of the First, Do No Harm report using the Milliman MedInsight Health Waste Calculator. The Calculator identifies potentially wasteful services and takes into account specific clinical circumstances when services may or may not be appropriate.

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