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BHI Report on Mortality Following Hospitalisation for Seven Clinical Conditions, July 2015 – June 2018

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A new report from Bureau of Health Information (BHI) presents mortality rates for seven clinical conditions in New South Wales (NSW) in the 30 days following admission to hospital, with detailed results available for 73 public hospitals. The report aims to provide information that is useful for health professionals in understanding patterns of mortality across the seven conditions in their hospitals and informing local efforts to improve care.

Accounting for about 11% of acute emergency hospitalisations for persons aged 15+ years in NSW, and about 28% of in-hospital deaths following acute emergency hospitalisation, the seven conditions are: acute myocardial infarction; ischaemic stroke; haemorrhagic stroke; congestive heart failure; pneumonia; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; hip fracture surgery.

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