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2019 National Inpatient Experience Survey Results Released

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The results of the 2019 National Inpatient Experience Survey have been released in Ireland. The National Inpatient Experience Survey is a nationwide survey that offers patients the opportunity to describe their experiences of public acute healthcare in Ireland. The survey is a partnership between the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA), the Health Service Executive (HSE) and the Department of Health. During the month of May 2019, 26,897 people were invited to participate in the third National Inpatient Experience Survey. In total, 12,343 people took part in this survey, from 40 participating hospitals, resulting in a response rate of 46%.

The 2019 findings show some improvements on last year, with patients reporting more positive experiences of discharge or transfer procedures. Questions on dignity, respect and privacy scored highly, and the majority of people gave a very positive rating of the cleanliness of rooms or wards. In addition, most people said that they trusted and had confidence in hospital staff. Survey participants pointed to a number of areas where the HSE could improve. Significantly, 70% of people said that they were not admitted to a ward within the HSE’s target waiting time of six hours, with 331 people (4%) waiting 48 hours or more before being admitted. Long waiting times have been linked with negative health outcomes and pose a risk to patient safety.

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