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Walmart to Measure Quality of Community Doctors Used by Employees

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Walmart is rolling out an effort to measure the quality of community doctors who treat tens of thousands of its employees in the retailer’s latest effort to make sure its workers get the right care, in the right place and at the right time, writes Forbes.

Walmart is launching several pilots effective Jan. 1, 2020 designed to improve quality and reduce costs in large part to eliminate unnecessary or unneeded healthcare services. The new concepts, considered in a test phase, will be an extension to the community doctor level of earlier efforts to guide patients to “Centers of Excellence” (AHT 4/8/19) like the more specialized Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and Geisinger Health System to make sure certain heart, knee, hip and spine surgeries are done right the first time.

Walmart will test a new “featured providers” program “that helps connect patients with local doctors who have a demonstrated history of providing the most appropriate patient care”, launching the program with a data analytics company, Embold Health.

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