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Study Finds Variation in Costs in Queensland for Costs of Delivering Maternity Care

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A study published in Australian Health Review found considerable variation in costs between hospital and health services in Queensland for the costs of delivering maternity care. The study sought to compare costs for women giving birth in different public hospital services across Queensland between 1 July 2012 and 30 June 2015s.

The study found the mean unadjusted cost for each woman and her baby was A$17406 in the first 1000 days. After adjusting for clinical and demographic factors and birth type, women and their babies who birthed in the Cairns Hospital and Health Service (HHS) had costs 19% lower than those who birthed in Gold Coast HHS ; women and their babies who birthed at the Mater public hospitals had costs 28% higher than those who birthed at Gold Coast HHS.

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