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National Quality Forum Convenes Diverse Panel of Experts for Hospital Star Rating Summit

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National Quality Forum (NQF) will convene a panel of experts from across the healthcare community to participate in the Hospital Quality Star Rating Summit on August 23, 2019 at its headquarters in Washington, DC. This national convening will further explore the opportunities, concerns, and risk factors that exist within the Hospital Compare Star Rating system.

Helping to educate consumers and make informed decisions about their care is central to advancing a patient-centered healthcare delivery system. In 2016, the Hospital Compare ratings system was introduced by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to make hospital quality and safety performance transparent and to empower people making important healthcare decisions.

It is critical that all stakeholders have confidence in the information shared with consumers. Yet, many have voiced concerns with the system’s methodology, noting issues related to missing data, small case volume, health disparities, the use of a latent variable model to calculate ratings, and its effectiveness in providing meaningful information to patients and caregivers.

NQF will convene the Hospital Quality Star Rating Summit to consider the perspectives of all stakeholders in recommendations that will improve confidence in the ratings system and consumer use. The Summit will utilize a Technical Expert Panel (TEP) representing an array of industry professionals, patients, and stakeholders led by co-chairs Nancy Foster, Vice President for Quality and Patient Safety Policy at the American Hospital Association and Cristie Upshaw Travis, Chief Executive Officer of the Memphis Business Group.

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