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First Regional Oral Health Collaborative to Publicly Report Clinical Performance in 2020

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The Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (WCHQ) has formed one of the first regional oral health collaboratives in the country with member dental practices being the first in the nation to publicly report a set of metrics specifically designed for oral health. 

Members of the oral health collaborative include Dental Associates, ForwardDental and the dental practices based in Marshfield Clinic Health System, Health Partners (MN), and Children’s Hospital Health System.

The oral health collaborative members are currently developing a starter set of measures that are reliable and useful for benchmarking clinical performance in dental practice settings. The practices will then collect and send data to WCHQ. The Collaborative’s goal is to align the oral health measures to specific processes that are common to all dental offices to benchmark performance. In 2020, dental organizations will begin to publicly report their progress on The initial set of dental metrics will focus on preventive services for patients under the age of 18, as well as the identification and treatment of periodontal disease. 

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