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CIHI’s Phased Approach to Publicly Reporting Patient Experience Data in Canada

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The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) has begun a phased approach to publicly reporting patient experience data. The release of this data will help focus quality improvement and health system performance efforts.

Some details about the phases of our public reporting strategy for 2019–2020:

Phase 1: Patient experience analytical product
In April 2019, CIHI released Patient Experience in Canadian Hospitals, its first analysis of pan-Canadian patient experience data. Using results from the CPES-IC, the report offers a first look at data from 5 participating provinces on how people feel information was communicated and shared at different stages throughout their hospital stay. The report features data at the aggregate level, including some provincial comparisons, as well as patient perspectives and examples of how patient experience data is being used by health care providers.

Phase 2: Reporting of facility-level indicators
CIHI is working toward publicly reporting a small core set (3 to 5) of patient experience indicators in the Your Health System: In Depth web tool. When published, the data for these indicators will enable comparisons at the national, provincial, regional and facility levels. The anticipated release of the indicators is spring 2020.

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