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2019 Kentucky Core Healthcare Measures Set Finalized

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The 2019 Kentucky Core Healthcare Measures Set has been finalized by the Kentucky Performance Alignment Committee (PMAC), increasing the number of core measures from 34 to 38.

The final vote resulted in the removal of three measures, addition of seven measures, and the upgrade of two measures from “standard” priority to “high” priority. Measures added include opioid treatment agreement, progress towards depression remission, diabetes blood pressure control, childhood and adolescent well care visits, HPV immunization, and patient experience. Measures related to diabetes and cardiovascular disease medication adherence and bronchitis antibiotic avoidance have been removed.

The core measures set was developed and released through a public-private partnership with the goal of creating a core measures set for Kentucky stakeholders to align to. The core measures set is focused in the areas of prevention, pediatrics, chronic and acute care management, behavioral health, and cost/utilization, making Kentucky one of the first states in the nation to create a healthcare measurement set.

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