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Study Finds Increased Mortality, Resource Use Among Frail Elderly Following Hospital Discharge

Individuals with frailty who are discharged from hospital experience increased mortality and resource use, even after short ‘ambulatory’ admissions, according to a study published in the British Journal of General Practice. ‘Frailty crises’ are a common cause of hospital admission among older people and there is significant focus on admission avoidance. However, identifying frailty before a crisis occurs is challenging. The study sought to determine long-term outcomes of older people discharged from hospital following short (<72 hours) and longer hospital admissions compared by frailty status. Data for 2-year mortality and hospital use were compared using frailty measures derived from clinical and hospital data. The study found mortality after 2 years was increased for frail compared with non-frail individuals in both cohorts. Patients in the ambulatory cohort classified as frail had increased mortality and hospital use compared with those patients classified as non-frail.

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