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Status of Women in NC Health & Wellness Report Released

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A new commissioned report by the North Carolina Council for Women and Youth Involvement provides information on the health, well-being, and reproductive rights of women in North Carolina, including differences by race and ethnicity and by county where data are available.

The Status of Women in North Carolina: Health & Wellness report is the second in a series of four publications on women’s status in North Carolina. The Status of Women in North Carolina: Health & Wellness analyzes data on women’s health, including chronic disease, physical health, sexual health, access to reproductive health services, and experiences of sexual assault and intimate partner violence.

The report identifies changes in women’s health since the publication of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research’s (IWPR) 2013 Status of Women in North Carolina report. Since the 2013 publication of the Status of Women in North Carolina report, health and wellness for women in North Carolina has improved in many areas. The mortality rate for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, breast cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer, and ovarian cancer all decreased among women in North Carolina. HIV/AIDS diagnoses and reported gonorrhea cases also decreased, but chlamydia rates increased.

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