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Study Focuses on Quality of Care in Large Chinese Hospitals

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Research published in BMJ Quality & Safety found Chinese hospitals had low and variable performances across most quality measures for common medical conditions. Quality of care generally does not appear to be improving post national health reform.

The study sought to empirically assess the quality of hospital care in China and trends over a 5-year period during which the government significantly increased its investment in healthcare. The study compared hospital quality between two periods: October 2012–March 2013 and October 2017–March 2018, focusing on 1–2 of the most reputable large tertiary hospitals in each of the 25 provinces in Mainland China (total of 33), in relation to process-based quality measures, including seven AMI measures, three stroke measures, four COPD measures and six pneumonia measures.

The study found compared with US hospitals, Chinese hospitals underperformed across most measures.

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