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Study Finds Cost a Barrier for Life Saving Asthma Treatments in Australia

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Half of all adults and a third of children with asthma are missing out on essential treatment due to out-of-pocket costs, a new study has found. A team of researchers led by The George Institute for Global Health and the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research surveyed 1400 people with asthma (adults with asthma and parents of children with asthma) across Australia and found that half of the adults and one–third of the children in the study were either decreasing or skipping doses of asthma medicines to make them last longer.

The results published in the journal, JACI : In Practice, found young male adults were the most likely to under-use asthma treatments due to out-of-pocket costs. This is compounded by GPs being largely unaware that out-of-pocket costs are a huge concern for many of their patients, or that some preventers had lower out-of-pocket costs for patients than others.

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