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US News Releases 2019 Health Care Rankings

US News released its 2019 Health Care Rankings, measuring how well states are meeting citizens’ health care needs. The states were ranked on health care using three broad benchmarks: access to care, quality of care and the overall health of the population. This includes measures such as the percentage of adults without health insurance and the percentage who haven’t had a routine checkup in the past year – including those who went without medical attention because of the cost. It includes positive measures such as the percentage of children receiving medical and dental care under Medicaid. It includes measures of preventable hospital admissions, readmissions within 30 days of discharge, nursing home quality ratings and numbers of seniors covered under high-quality Medicare Advantage plans. It involves general measures that correspond with good physical and mental health – rates of smoking, obesity and suicide, along with self-reported mental health. And it takes into account infant and overall mortality rates.

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