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PHC4 Report on Cancer-Related Surgeries Performed at PA Hospitals

Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council (PHC4) has released a report providing information about the number of cancer-related surgeries performed at Pennsylvania hospitals during Fiscal Year 2018 (July 1 2017 through June 30 2018). Hospital surgical volume is reported for 11 types of cancers including bladder, brain, breast, colon, esophageal, liver, lung, pancreatic, prostate, rectal, and stomach cancer. Reporting volume for these cancer surgeries is important because there is strong evidence in the scientific literature that links hospital surgical volume and patient outcomes. The analysis shows that many hospitals performed only one or two surgeries for some of these cancers. For cancers of the bladder, esophagus, liver and stomach, more than a third of the hospitals performed only one or two surgeries in FY 2018.

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