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NZ Ministry of Health to Open Access to National Health Data Sets

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New Zealand’s Ministry of Health will provide access to two core national systems – the National Health Index (NHI) and Health Practitioner Index (HPI) – using FHIR interfaces (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), writes Health Informatics News Zealand. The NHI is a unique identifier assigned to every person in New Zealand and the HPI identifies health professionals.

The Ministry of Health is focused on improving access to these core data sets as FHIR resources to make it easier for healthcare organisations and vendors to use them within their health applications. The staged release of NHI and HPI production FHIR APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) is planned from mid-2020.

These two foundational data sets are already widely used across the NZ health sector and the Ministry of Health is to provide access to multiple players to these first. Existing players like GP and hospital system suppliers generally already have access, but the interfaces are not that standardised or widely used.

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