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Joint Commission Launch Nursing Care Center Performance Measurement Dashboard

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In March, The Joint Commission launched a new dashboard report for accredited nursing care centers to provide performance measurement data on a select subset of measures. The Dashboard Report shows an organization’s performance on select measures compared to national, state and Joint Commission-accredited organization averages. The dashboards are designed to support quality improvement efforts, and are consequently not scoreable elements on survey.

The Joint Commission dashboard displays information on nine measures.

Short Stay Measures:

  • new or worsening pressure ulcers
  • antipsychotic medication given for the first time
  • improvement in function
  • rehospitalization after nursing home admission
  • successful discharge home/community setting

Long Stay Measures:

  • high risk patients with pressure ulcers
  • falls with major injury
  • urinary tract infection incidence
  • antipsychotic medication receipt

These measures were selected as a result of a detailed measure evaluation process, the aim of which is to identify measures that are reliable, actionable and represent true improvement opportunities. The dashboard easily identifies and helps prioritize quality improvement targets for accredited organizations. Updates are expected to occur quarterly. Accredited Nursing Care Centers can access the dashboard on the Continuous Compliance section of an organization’s secure Joint Commission Connect® extranet site.

In addition to CMS comparison data, the Department of Quality Measurement is evaluating opportunities to acquire timely quality performance measure data from other sources as well. Home health and hospice dashboards will launch in June, ambulatory surgical centers in September, and hospitals by the end of 2019.

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