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FAIR Health Releases 2019 FH Healthcare Indicators and FH Medical Price Index

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FAIR health has released the second annual edition of FH Healthcare Indicators® and the FH Medical Price Index®, two resources developed to provide clarity in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. Drawing on the independent nonprofit’s national database of billions of privately insured healthcare claims, these two resources apply different approaches to illuminate different aspects of the national healthcare sector.

FH Healthcare Indicators analyze trends involving the place of service for healthcare in recent years. Focusing on alternative places of service—retail clinics, urgent care centers, telehealth and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs)—as well as emergency rooms (ERs), FH Healthcare Indicators evaluate changes in utilization, geographic and demographic factors, diagnoses, procedures and costs.

The FH Medical Price Index tracks the growth in median procedure charges and median imputed allowed amounts in six procedure categories, including Professional evaluation and management (E&M; excluding E&Ms performed in a hospital setting); Hospital E&M(excluding E&Ms performed in a professional setting, such as typical office visits); Medicine (excluding E&Ms);Surgery (procedures for which the physician would bill); Pathology and laboratory (including both technical and professional components, e.g., both equipment and physician services); and Radiology(including both technical and professional components).

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