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Patients to Pay Greater Share of Health Cost in Switzerland

The upper house of the Swiss parliament on Tuesday backed a controversial move that would see patients paying a greater share of their health costs before health insurance kicks in, but the measure could be challenged in a referendum, writes The Local Switzerland. The Council of States voted in favour of a move that would see the minimum franchise (or deductible) under Switzerland’s system of compulsory health insurance raised from 300 Swiss francs (€265) to 350 francs. The planned changes mean people would have to spend 350 francs instead of 300 francs before their health insurance provider started chipping in towards treatment costs. The new system, which has already been approved by the lower house of parliament, would also see the minimum deductible raised by 50 francs every four years. The proposed increase in the deductible is designed to combat spiraling health costs. The thinking is that people will make fewer unnecessary trips to the doctor and to hospitals and avoid superfluous medical treatments.

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