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CHIA Releases Hospital-Specific Readmission Profiles

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CHIA, the Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association, has released updated Hospital-Specific Readmissions Profiles which provides in-depth readmissions information for each Massachusetts acute care hospital, highlighting data from State Fiscal Year 2017.

The individual profiles contain analyses for each hospital presented in the context of the statewide figures and of the patient population that each hospital serves. Each report contains information profiling readmissions including: Overview readmissions statistics; Risk­ standardized readmission rates by hospital type; Readmission rates by quarter; Number of readmissions by time since discharge; Readmission rates by age; Readmission rates by payer type; Readmission rates by discharge setting; Diagnoses with the highest numbers and rates of readmissions; Readmissions to other hospitals; and Readmissions among frequently hospitalized patients

This edition of the readmissions profiles includes a series of interactive graphics. The graphics enable a deeper look into each hospital’s data, as well as allows for comparison between hospitals or at the statewide level.

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