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Study Measures Immediate In-Hospital Harm Associated with 7 Low-Value Procedures

Findings from a study published in JAMA suggests that low-value use of 7 procedures in patients who probably should not receive them is harming some of those patients, consuming additional hospital resources, and potentially delaying care for other patients for whom the services would be appropriate. Although only some immediate consequences of just 7 low-value services were examined, harm related to all low-value procedures was noted, including high rates of harm for certain higher-risk procedures. The study to measure immediate in-hospital harm associated with 7 low-value procedures. In this cohort study and descriptive analysis of 9330 episodes of low-value use of 7 procedures (ranging from 56 low-value spinal fusions to 3963 low-value knee arthroscopies), depending on the procedure, between 0.2% and 15.0% of patients receiving these low-value procedures developed at least 1 of 16 hospital-acquired complications, the most common being health care‚Äďassociated infection.

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