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First Irish National Intensive Care Unit Audit Annual Report Released

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The first Irish National Intensive Care Unit Audit Annual Report was released today by the National Office of Clinical Audit (NOCA), highlighting how the health system in Ireland works to care for the most vulnerable patients, both adult and paediatric.

Units included in this report were general ICUs in major tertiary referral hospitals, High Dependency Units (HDUs), mixed HDU/ICUs, specialist Units, and Units in smaller regional hospitals. This report provides comprehensive data on activity in each participating Unit, including demographics, case mix, illness severity, requirements for organ support, bed occupancy, length of stay, and outcome. Quality Indicators (QIs) reported on include numbers of high-risk admissions from the ward, out-of-hours discharges, delayed discharges, unplanned readmissions, and risk-adjusted mortality rates.  Hospital-level data is included in this report.

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