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Underestimation of Readmission Risks in Neurocritical Care Patients by Hospital Wide Scoring Models

Healthcare Finance News writes: Scoring models used to predict 30-day readmission risk in the general hospital population may not accurately predict readmissions for patients in the neurocritical care unit, finds a study in the Journal of Neuroscience Nursing. The Jacksonville Mayo Clinic’s readmission tool in particular underestimates the risk of readmission in the neurocritical care patient population, the study found. The results suggest that the risk calculator used for the hospital’s general population is not accurate for neurocritical care patients. Because of differences in patients’ characteristics and risk factors, the hospital-wide tool underestimates readmission risk in the neurocritical care group.¬† Thirty-day hospital readmission risk has become an important measure of the quality of hospital care, and is closely tied to reimbursement.¬†Developing risk scores specific to the neurocritical care unit could have important implications for patient care as well as financial reimbursement.

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