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Pneumonia Leading Cause of ED Visits in Canada in 2017

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pneumonia was 1 of the top 10 reported reasons that Canadians went to the emergency department (ED) last year. According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), there were almost 135,000 pneumonia-related ED visits reported across the country in 2017–2018, marking a 13% increase from the year before. More than 1 in 4 reported ED visits for pneumonia resulted in the patient being admitted to the hospital for at least 1 night. Abdominal and pelvic pain, throat and chest pain, and acute upper respiratory infection were the top 3 main reasons for visits, together resulting in approximately 1 million reported ED visits last year.

More data on ED visits can also be found in CIHI’s Quick Stats and Your Health System web tools. CIHI has updated Your Health System with the latest year of data for 28 health indicators, including All Patients Readmitted to Hospital and Avoidable Deaths. Your Health System features facility-level data on long-term care, hospital deaths, hospital readmissions and more. A list of indicators and contextual measures that have been refreshed with new data is also available.

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