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Elderly Hospital Patients at Greater Risk of Inappropriate Prescription Prescribing in Ireland

A new study has found that older hospital patients were 72 per cent more likely to be given a potentially inappropriate prescription after their hospital admission, independent of other patient factors, writes Medical Independent. Researchers for the study, published in the current edition of The BMJ examined data from general practice records of 38,229 patients (aged ≥65 years) in Ireland from 2012 to 2015. To determine if the prescriptions were potentially inappropriate, they assessed the records using 45 criteria from the Screening Tool for Older Persons’ Prescription (STOPP) version 2. The study illustrates the need to consider and address potential adverse effects of hospitalisation on prescribing appropriate medication for older patients. The study found that potentially inappropriate prescribing (PIP) is becoming increasingly prevalent in older people, and hospitalisation is independently associated with an increased risk of PIP.

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