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The Leapfrog Group Expands Ratings to Outpatient & Ambulatory Surgery Settings

The Leapfrog Group, a national health care nonprofit driven by employers and other purchasers of health care, announced the expansion of its public reporting to outpatient settings. For the first time, Leapfrog will collect safety data on ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) through a new voluntary survey. In addition, hospital outpatient surgery departments will report similar data through a new section of the Leapfrog Hospital Survey, the organization’s first rating system that has been gathering information about the quality and safety of inpatient care for almost 20 years. Both surveys will open in April 2019. Across both surveys, Leapfrog will gather data on several important areas including basic facility information, medical and nursing staff, procedure volume and outcomes, patient safety practices and patient experience. By fall 2019, a national report on the results will be published. ASCs and hospital outpatient surgery departments that participate will receive detailed benchmarking reports they can use with purchasers and payors in their markets. For the 2020 surveys, Leapfrog will publicly report data on individual ASCs and hospital outpatient surgery departments.

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