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Florida’s Health Care Transparency Efforts Lags

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News Service Florida writes one of Gov. Rick Scott’s key health-care initiatives remains in limbo with just months left in his term. In 2016 legislation $3.5 million was set aside to create a new website and to create a claims database that would allow Floridians to shop around when it comes to health care. But with Scott ready to leave the governor’s office in January, the health-care price information still isn’t available to Florida consumers. And it’s not clear when it will be, with members of a state panel told Wednesday that the Scott administration “doesn’t have an established timeline for the launch.”

Following the signing of legislation in 2016, the Scott administration signed a contract with the Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI) to administer the database and develop a consumer-friendly website. An early iteration of the state website,, has had nearly 30,000 hits since its premiere in November 2017. HCCI has received more than $3.5 million in payments from the state since July 2017 to create the website.

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