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Quarterly Performance Report for Public Hospitals, Ambulance Services in NSW

The Bureau of Health Information (BHI) released its latest Healthcare Quarterly report showing increased activity at public hospitals and ambulance services in NSW compared with the same quarter last year. Healthcare Quarterly is a series of regular reports that track activity and performance measures for hospital admissions, emergency department care, elective surgery, and ambulance services in NSW, including 78 public hospitals and 18 ambulance zones. This latest quarterly report shows that the timeliness of care provided in emergency departments remained relatively stable. While the performance in emergency departments is stable at NSW level, there are considerable differences in performance at hospital level. When results are compared to the same quarter last year, some hospitals show significant improvements in the timeliness of care provided, even while presentations to their emergency departments have notably increased. Meanwhile, other hospitals show declines in the timeliness of care provided, despite stable activity or modest increases in presentations to their emergency departments.

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