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PHIN Publishes First Performance Measures for Consultants in UK Private Healthcare

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The Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) has published the initial performance measures for over 1,000 consultants working across private healthcare in the UK. Altogether 5,000 consultants, collectively undertaking an estimated 50% of admitted private healthcare in the UK, have been actively involved in working with PHIN and hospitals to check data on their private practice and improve data quality. The consultants included on PHIN’s website represent a broad range of specialties, with orthopaedic surgeons make up the largest number (approx 30%), general surgeons and ophthalmologists. The measures published by PHIN include the number of patients that each consultant treats by procedure, along with their average length of stay. These are the first of up to 11 measures that PHIN is required to publish under their mandate from the Competition & Markets Authority which required more information to be made public on the performance of private hospitals and consultants.

As previously reported in July, PHIN will need to publish performance data for all of the estimated 14,000 consultants admitting patients privately, with measures ranging from patient satisfaction and reported outcomes to adverse event rates. Fee information for an even wider group of consultants, including those who see only outpatients, will also be published in 2019.

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