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Maternal Quality Data for Expectant Parents in NYC, Long Island

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Northeast Business Group on Health (NEBGH), the New York-based employer-led coalition of healthcare stakeholders, launched ExpectNY, a website that educates expectant parents in New York City and Long Island about maternal quality measures and other factors that can impact their childbirth experience, their health and the health of their newborn babies. Launched in June, ExpectNY is an accessible and easy-to-understand source of information and publicly-reported hospital data about maternity procedures and practices. Users can search for a hospital’s rates for C-Sections, VBACs (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean), inductions, episiotomies, breastfeeding and other factors helpful for expectant mothers to understand when planning to give birth. The website includes searchable data from more than 50 hospitals in New York City and Long Island.

As reported previously, New Jersey Department of Health will soon produce The New Jersey Report Card of Hospital Maternity Care to give New Jersey’s expectant parents more insight into the quality of their hospitals’ maternity care.

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