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CO Providers Recognized by Bridges to Excellence Demonstrate Superior Cost and Quality

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A recent analysis by the nonprofit research and consulting group Altarum found that Colorado health care providers recognized by the Bridges to Excellence (BTE) Program have lower average total episode costs and lower probability of experiencing a potentially avoidable complication (PAC) for three costly and prevalent chronic conditions.

The study compared BTE-recognized providers to other providers on metrics of cost and quality of care for diabetes, hypertension, and coronary artery disease. Metrics were calculated based on the PROMETHEUS Analytics episode of care definitions. BTE-recognized providers managed the costs of their patient’s episode better than their peers: 24.2% lower for hypertension care, 15.8% lower for diabetes care, and 10.9% lower for coronary artery disease care. And, fewer patients of BTE-recognized providers experienced complications. The probability of experiencing a PAC was 5.2% lower among hypertension patients and 4.7% lower among diabetes patients.

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